Week 2: SO….I’m really a graduate

Ok, so this marks week 2 as my life as a graduate and…..still trying to comprehend the concept. Even though, it’s been a week, it’s still weird to say “yeah, I just graduated college.”

And this is the kicker for the week. I just had the epiphany that I had to change all my social media — my Linkedin, my Google page, my resume, shoot, even my email signature had to be changed to fit my new alumni status and it kind of hurt. Why? Well after about two solid years of having multiple activities or internships associated with your name, it’s weird when they’re all done. Yep, that’s right, now I’m a graduate so all I have is BA at the end of my email…which is still pretty baller, I must admit but you get my point – it’s weird! I guess I never thought this transition would be dramatic.

But in other news, I have thoroughly enjoyed the extra sleep I’ve been getting each night and the carefree lifestyle of a graduate with a few weeks off in summer. I know I’ll become more productive as the summer continues and I get closer to my DC journey but until then I’ll be in Chapel Hill – sleeping, being carefree and realizing I’m an adult (with an adult, short, two line email signature lol)

Until next time, KG


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