A photo album

Tonight I had a farewell dinner with some friends and it was great. The food was good, the laughs were better and the company couldn’t have been any better.

But the one element that will leave a lasting impression is the gift my best friend, Latia, gave me. It was a brown, bounded photo album. The plastic is neat and the spine is untouched, it’s brand new. But the first few pages have already been filled in with pictures and captions of a friendship that has sustained eight years of memories and moments.

Now, most people wouldn’t think much of a photo album — it’s just a book full of empty clear sheets covering blank pages and it takes effort to fill it up with pictures and captions. But I see this photo album as a commitment. It’s my commitment to remember and to remember memories of my past which will most likely have an impact on my future. I also see it as a portal to my friends. As I move to D.C. for the summer, I realize that I may not be coming back home for a while so this photo album will just one of many ways I’ll connect with my friends. It’ll only take that one glance at that one picture from that one time that will make me laugh or brighten up my day. This small photo album will also give me a reminder of my future visits and encounters with my friends because now every picture I take must become photo-worthy of a spot in my photo album (and that’s way more prestigious than becoming profile picture material on Facebook or a default photo on Twitter).

This photo album is personal and it’ll carry all the memories of the people who mean most to me. Now all I have to do is live life, capture the moments and then cherish the memories in one secure place for years to come.

So the next time you see a photo album and decide to buy it, think about the impact it will actually make and how the function of a photo album is much than just a spot to throw pictures.
Until next time,


This album will contain the memories of my life…well, as an adult!

 This is just the beginning…welcome to memory lane!


3 thoughts on “A photo album

  1. Hey Kirstin,
    That was so beautiful! I’m over here with tears rolling down my face. I’m really glad you like it, I know you’ll have plenty of new experiences to fill up the rest of the clear slips with new memories to look back on when you’re older. I’m praying for you everyday! Love You and I’m always here = )

    • Aww Latia! I’m glad you like it! I appreciate the album and I’m already finding pictures to add to my album when I get to DC!! Love you more and can’t wait for the adventures of our future!!

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