Well, it’s finally here…

Three weeks ago when I was getting email after email from NPR, I was excited, anxious and ready to go! But now that this day has come, the night before I leave for DC, I find myself wishing I had just one more day or just a few more hours to get ready.

But as we know, time doesn’t wait for us and it didn’t wait today. My last day in Chapel Hill flew by and it ended several hugs and tons of ‘good lucks’ and ‘I’m proud of yous.’ And as I drove home from campus, I wasn’t tearing up or getting all emotional, I simply smiled. I smiled because I realized how blessed I was to know so many people who truly cared for me and had an interest in the success of my future. It made me appreciate the friendships that had formed while at UNC and how those friendships would only grow stronger as we grow apart in distance. But why say or think all this now? Tonight? The night before I start a new chapter in my life.

Well, it’s simple. I have to remember the blessings I’ve realized so far so I can be prepared for the blessings that will come in the future. It didn’t hit me until today but as I said my last goodbyes and gave several hugs, it all hit me that my Carolina experiences has truly been a blessing!

Now, at 12:23am, I should be asleep because I’ll be leaving for the district in about 5 1/2 hours but of course, my mind is racing of the new chapter that I’m about to begin. Who will I meet? What will happen? How will I change? This is what lies before me and I’m excited! It’s time for a change and this is it!

D.C. I’m coming for ya!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Well, it’s finally here…

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