Tomorrow = Day 1 at NPR

Tomorrow officially begins something new and the beginning of my life as an adult. And a weird as that sounds, it’s true…I’m an adult and this first day marks the beginning of my journey into journalism.

But the nice thing about this new start is that I have a leg up from last year. I know the city, I know how to use the metro, and I feel confident finding my way around. And I’ve even had a chance to hang out with some of the interns already so I know four more people than I didn’t before!

However, I still had some of the same first day jitters in my system. What to wear, what do I need to bring, what will the other interns be like, what will my sector be like? Thankfully, the what to wear issue was easy to fix! As most of you know, I’m in love with clothes so trying to find a first day outfit was challenging because I have so many options. And doesn’t help that my style is funky and eclectic so I’m always battling between being too crazy with the color choices or accessories and sticking to the guidelines of business causal.

(Now you already know that this is NOT all my clothes, but it is all my business-y clothes)

For tomorrow I decided to keep it simple. Button up, neutral skirt and flats. Nothing more, nothing less. But I figured this will be a good start because I’ll get a chance to see what the other interns are wearing and see what’s accepted in the NPR workplace. Now my outfit for Tuesday could be anything!

(The final outfit choice for tomorrow. I told you it was simple.)

I also find it comforting that for my mode of transportation I’m not trying something new for the first time. Last year, I rode the bus (during rush hour) for the first time and it was a nerve racking experience. At the time the only buses I had ever ridden were on UNC’s campus and 99.9% of the people who were using those buses were students so it was a totally different feel using the bus system in D.C. But this time around it’s all metro and that’s alright with me! It’s very simple and if the weird around me are weird or kinda creeping me out, I can always get on a different train! Ahh the joys of underground transportation!

And if you really want to know how my first day goes follow me on twitter (@kgarriss11) for live action…ie tweets in real time (lol) of my day or just check my blog again tomorrow night for my recap post.

Anywho, my day starts bright and early and I hope I can even sleep with all this anticipation of what’s to come. Well that said, Good night!



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