Learning something new

I always say this but it’s true. This is a new experience that I’m going to learn from. Well Day 2 marked the beginning of all these learning lessons.

First, I learned that the metro may not be my friend after all. (insert pitiful sad face here) Yeah, let’s just say that travel was horrible and then I got stuck underground – not a good combo for your second day. But thank God for the DC Circulator bus – $1 fares all day everyday!

Second, thinking outside of the box….the news box. So I really do take pride in knowing that I think outside of the box. I mean I really do. But I was never taught, not even told, to think outside of the news box! What is this you might ask? Well for the past four years, I’ve been trained to think news – news stories, news tags, news teases, just news, news, NEWS! But today I was challenged to go beyond that and think outside of this zone and it was weird at first but it all made sense. I had to think of news in a new way and honestly, it was like a light bulb went off in my head! lol

And thirdly, not having a TV in your apartment…blows…I never thought I would say this but I really just want to be able to come home after fighting through masses of traffic, sit on the couch with a fresh cold water and watch the local news. Now this may not sound like your most ideal evening routine but for me, that would be heaven! But the  is amazing and the Internet is a hub for any and everything that’s on TV, life hasn’t been that bad but a TV would be nice (#justsaying).

Anywho, three lessons learned and it’s only the end of day 2! think once I get to my last day in August, I’ll be like some journalism Yoda lol “May the journalism always be with you but do or do not, there is no try!” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-zD-RohzNY&feature=player_embedded)

Well that’s all for now and until next time,



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