Trying to make a lifestyle change

Every year, particularly in January/February or right before summer, people across the country say they’re going to get right, get healthy, eat better and work out.

Well, I hate to say it but I’m one of them too. I flock to the gym with goals and tons of motivation but each semester I’ve let something get in the way whether it was class, a test, papers, a news story, an interview, sleep, something, anything, well, everything.

But since becoming a graduate I realized a had a BUNCH of spare time and that there’s really no reason for me not to workout and become a healthier person. Especially when cost is not an issue at the moment. This summer, I have access to GW’s fitness center so I really have NO excuse not to get right, get tight! And I’ve buying fresh foods and doing little things like actually eating breakfast and healthy one (can we say a banana with a protein shake – Go me!)

So as I go through this summer, I’m going to try to keep up with it because I have nothing lose but a lot to gain if I can become more committed to this goal. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, I would have reached some goal and achieved some kind of weight loss. If not, please say shame on me or something lol. But for real, I do feel confident that I’ll be dedicated! I already went to the gym yesterday and I’ve been eating fresh fruit everyday!

Until next time,



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