Show me your PRIDE!

So one of the many things I LOVE about the district is all the diversity – ethnically, culturally, musically, socially, creatively, everything!

Last year, my friends and I were going through Dupont Circle one Saturday evening and we stumbled upon the Capital Pride Parade. We had no idea what to expect but it looked like a great event.

This year, I knew about the parade and I was ready to see some pride and to see the parade. So I grabbed a few UNC folk from GW and we headed to Dupont Circle to see the parade and it was a great crowd and a great time had by all!

When we got there it was already packed and the parade was just getting started and I loved every minute of it!

(One of the many floats at the Capital Pride Parade 2011)

Plus it was a lot of fun collecting beads, candy and colorful streamers and seeing all the  couples! I loved all the unity and it was great to see the whole district from governor’s office to local neighbors to even Obama’s 2012 campaign supporting the even and all the pride!

It was also good to know that this city embraces everyone not matter what!


More photos from the pride parade!


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