Thankful for the little things

You know you really don’t realize how much you miss something until you don’t have it and then you get it again. What could I be talking about? Well, something as simple as a television. Yes, you heard me right, a television.

Now most people would say, well I don’t watch a lot of TV, I don’t need one. OH BUT YOU’RE WRONG! I have lived a whole week…yes, one whole week without a TV in my D.C. apartment and it has been a struggle as times. Why? Well, let’s think about it, I am a journalist, I NEED to watch the news. Hence I said WATCH the news. I couldn’t do that last week! And it was a pain! I’m the kind of person that I actually like to watch the news on TV, not on the Internet. It was driving me insane that I had to rely on twitter and news apps on my phone for headlines and updates – and the of course, the Internet but again you already know how I feel about watching news on the web.

And I’m not going to lie. I really wanted to be about to watch all my trashy reality TV shows (yes, I did just use ‘trashy’ as an adjective to describe television) when they aired on TV. It was a minor pain to have to wait a whole day for the shows to be uploaded to their respective websites and then to have to avoid twitter so I don’t see all of the tweets about the show. Now yes, this does sound like petty complaining over mediocre issues but let’s face it, if you had to miss your favorite reality or sitcom shows, you’d be hurt too!

But today all that changed! My cousin, Chrissy, who lives in D.C. came over to my apartment for dinner and she graciously offered me a TV for the summer! Now this is nothing fancy, it’s a 13inch box sitting in a display case big enough for a 40inch flatscreen but you know what, this little 13inch is getting the job done! And I’m happy that I’m watching the NBA Finals from the comfort of this television and not from my laptop via ABC’s website.

Anywho, the lesson of this post is to really that you really do miss things when they’re gone and when you get them back, you appreciate them so much more! Even if it’s just a silly little thing like a television!

Until next time,



This is our very baby TV in a huge TV dresser thing in the apartment but again it gets the job done! #winning lol


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