three little words….eat, pray, love

If you think this blog post will be about the movie featuring Julia Roberts and a variety of good looking men and entitled “Eat Pray Love” then yes, you are indeed right. But it’s not solely about the movie, there’s a deeper message behind this post.

I’ve to the conclusion for the millionth time that I do need to travel. Did this movie inspire to come to this revelation in life? Of course not. But as I was painting my nails, I decided I needed a movie to watch and this was sitting at the top of my Netflix list, so I thought why not.

I had heard great reviews but now I know why. This movie was everything Hollywood wanted it to be. It was funny, it was lighthearted, it was well casted, it was telling but it was also true. Liz (the main character) embodied a spirit that I have yet to encounter and that is the spirit of exploration and discovery. Now, will I be the first person to pick up and move to a new state tomorrow? Yes, if I know it will further my career or give me a better opportunity to succeed. But to pick up and travel to a new country for a month, several months, a year? That is completely nerve racking and exciting all at the same time. It’s something that’s completely brand new, it’s foreign (no pun intended) and it would be amazing.

For those who know me, you know that I’ve NEVER (and when I say never, I mean it) been outside of the United States. Shoot I’ve never ever been to Mexico and that’s right there!! But my point is, this movie really touched me because I am essentially Liz in a way…thankfully, I’m not divorced or blonde (lol) but I am wanting to travel and learn more about the world and myself.

Even though I’m only 22, I’m a firm believer that exploration is the best way to discovery yourself while learning from those another you! It’s what we do when we move to a new city or state but for me, I feel like I really need to visit a new country!

And not just one country, but several. Spain, Italy, France, South Africa, Sydney, anywhere! I know I need to travel and I need to do it soon! When exactly, I don’t know….first I need to get a passport and then I’ll get back to you!

Until next time,



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