Thrifting…a girl’s best friend

Every woman loves to shop whether they let you know it or not, it’s true we all love it. Now how we do it and how much we want to spend varies from woman to woman. And if you know me then you already know that I love to shop but I also don’t like to spend money. I am Miss Frugal and proud of it!

But I will say this, it’s not easy being frugal. You really need to know how to be resourceful and creative and you must have patience…a lot of it!  Thankfully, after four years of living on a college budget, I’ve found a way to shop in real stores (on sale, clearance, discount, whatever you want to call it) and in thrift stores!

Now thrift stores have their advantages and disadvantages. Yes, some of them can be small, unorganized, messy, and it takes time to find anything decent BUT when you do find something it’s unique, different, either one of a kind or much cheaper than retail and it’s CHEAP!

I mean, let’s be real, people spend hours at the mall going through sales racks finding one or two things (unless it’s a seasonal sale in which case you can rack up on some clothes!) or paying outrageous prices for something basic when they could use that same time and energy in a thrift store or Goodwill!

Over the years, I’ve started to get more and more of my clothes from thrift stores because it’s more affordable but also more fun. When you buy thrift, you get to make it your own if you need to. Cut the sleeves here, hem the skirt there, iron this here, whatever – you get to make it your own AND you didn’t pay a lot for it! I think that’s what always get me is the price and how you can find such unique treasures for nothing at a lot sometimes!

But the point of this post wasn’t to ramble on about why I love thrifting but to brag (yes, brag) about my latest finds! This past weekend, I shopped, shopped and shopped some more – in both retail and thrift. I found a bunch of cute stuff but I really got the most for my money at thrift store heaven, Value Village (and yes, it is quite a value!)

In a small town in Maryland lies this wonderful place called Value Village which holds racks on racks on racks on clothes, shoes, accessories – you name it and they got it. And in about an hour today, I managed to find three business dresses for work, three light, colorful scarves, two pairs of earrings, a belt and a casual dress for around $35 — ie. I made out like a bandit today!

(My amazing finds from today’s shopping adventure)

And I did! It’s always a great feeling to walk out of a store knowing that what you bought not only looks good on you but didn’t cost a lot either. And what’s great about Value Village is the fact that I can usually find my size and I don’t have to alter or adjust the clothing. (that means no needle or thread required — score!) But even when I do have to alter a piece of clothing, it’s usually nothing too dramatic than taking out some shoulder pads or hemming the a dress/skirt line.

Needless to say, I’m very happy and content being a thrifter and I enjoy the creative freedom that comes along with the title. (And of course, my wallet enjoys the savings of this title too!) I’ve also thrifted so much in the past couple years that it’s starting to become a struggle to shop in real stores now. Because if there’s no sale, clearance, discount or special, I rarely spend my money or even my time. But if I spend my time looking, I’m usually thinking to myself “Hmmm….can I find this dress or something similar at a thrift store!”

But the summer is just beginning and there are more thrift stores for me to discover in the district!

Until next time,




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