the measurements of your impact

Taking it back a few years so bear with me…

In 2009, I picked up one of the most challenging yet most rewarding leadership positions of my college career…I became the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine. But not just any magazine, but the Black Ink which was on the road to hiatus with no signs of coming back.

But after tons of blood, sweat and tears and some major support form a staff and dedicated readers, the Black Ink reclaimed it’s name in the magazine world at UNC.

It’s weird now to look back on the experience. People always asked me why I did it. It had nothing to do with my major, it wasn’t going to get me a job, shoot, I hated news writing. But it wasn’t about what it would do for me in the future or what benefits it would bring me, it was all about making sure that something that was almost lost, would never be lost again.

And, I’m bringing this up now, not because I’m having a mid-graduate life crisis or missing UNC but the Black Ink published its graduation/summer issue for 2011. I smiled when I noticed my graduation picture as the cover but I started to tear up when I reached the end and I read two pages worth of comments and thank you’s from fellow staff members, friends and BSM members. I honestly had not idea that my Assistant Editor (well now Editor-in-Chief) was planning this. I was totally caught off guard but it was nice to have that happen. And even though, I’m usually the one who stresses deadlines and timeliness, this issue came at the right time. I was just talking about UNC today so it was on my mind and reading all those comments took me down memory lane for a few minutes.

Anywho, the point is, I didn’t (and still don’t sometimes) realize the magnitude of my impact on campus. Yes, did I make an effort to be active in my Carolina community and do as they say and “leave my Heel Print” on campus. But I think it’s when you graduate and take a step back from campus that you realize all that you’ve done and how much it effected others. Needless to say, I’m grateful for the kind words and the thoughtfulness behind this effort. It’s always a good feeling to do something you love to help better your community but it’s an even better feeling to know that people appreciated the hard work and countless hours you put into it.

Well that said, here’s the link to the latest issue of the Black Ink – enjoyed and be informed —

Until next time,



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