Why is it that clarity comes at the most unusual and/or most unpredictable times?

When I was in college all my papers and news stories were written late at night (or into the early hours of the morning) but it just worked. For some reason around 1:30 in the morning the wheels start to turn with creativity. And recently music has helped unclog a busy mind and blocked writer from her thoughts.

And my question is, what does this ever happen at a more convenient time? 1:30 in the morning? That’s rude sometimes because I like my sleep!

But anywho…the spontaneous thought for this blog post was inspired from my writer’s block which cleared around 1 something with my itunes on shuffle while I was working on my proposals for Intern Edition.

And what is Intern Edition you ask? Just wait until August to find out! I promise it will be well worth the wait!

Until next time,



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