enjoying the Caribbean breeze

Today, I experienced the D.C. Carnival – one of the biggest Caribbean festivals in the country. And it was an interesting experience — it was a lot of vendors, food, music and TONS of people!

But I’m glad I went because it was the perfect day to be outside – can we say slightly overcast with some sunshine so it wasn’t too bad walking outside.

And ooh…the walking…I feel like I walked a couple of miles today….whew….can we say walking from Georgia Ave metro station to U street. But I did get my pseudo  walking tour of Howard because we passed it along the way back to the metro.

We also saw some real outrageous stuff like at least three or four guys had snakes around their necks! Like real life boa constrictors around their neck and they thought it was no big deal…just look at this guy.

(this is crazy! the snake is just chilling!)

But within all the craziness of people and snakes, there were some really cool vendors selling flags, jewelry and clothes.

(this is a super cute ring that I got today)

Needless to say, I’m exhausted and my feet are killing me but it was worth it and it was good cultural experience to have now.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures from my first D.C. Carnival!

Until next time, KG


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