R.A.C.E. – Redefined

In my last blog post, I shared with you my encounters with race but here’s just a snippet of the exhibit that really prompted that post and all those memories.

On the second floor of the Museum of Natural History is where you can find this exhibit called RACE. It’s a simple title but the exhibit has a massive amount of information.

This was the most interesting part of the exhibit to me. It was a section called the the “Hapa Project” which was a project by a mutliracial artist who wanted to showcase different mulitracial individuals. With each picture, there are two captions – one that states what races this person represents and two what that individual’s response was to the question, Who are you? And the let me tell you the responses were so genuine and it reminded me that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover. At first glance, I assumed that each individual was only one race or another when they were really mixtures of two, three, four even five different ethic groups! It was a beautiful thing to see and to read all there responses about what they were….and it was more than just race.

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