Google is taking over the world…and I don’t know how I feel about it

When Google was founded way back when (well, in August 2008), it was just a cool, new way to search.

Now, Google is like the ONLY way to search…I mean let’s face it, we’re all guilty of saying “just Google it” “what does Google say” “have you seen this in Google” – Let’s be real, some of us mention Google all the time (raises hand).

But in the past few years and particularily in the past few months, Google has really been taking over, in every and any way. Just think. How many of us have gmail accounts, Google apps on our smartphone and have Google as our default search engine? It’s crazy but it’s basically most of the world…yes…world!

And just when I thought Google was going to quit…they bamboozled me again! Now Google is trying to be like Facebook and Twitter combined and call it…(get ready for it) Google+ (pronounced Google Plus).

So…what I’m grasping from this whole concept is that Google is just trying to take over the world…and they just might succeed. Why? Well, let’s face it, if you can create a social network that’s different from Facebook and Twitter but pulls from some of the similar concepts of them and then add some Google perks, it could really work!

Just think. Everything you do (and I mean EVERYTHING) could dowloaded, loaded, uploaded, every kind of loaded onto Google from your computer and phone – it’s like the two are talking the same language.

Today marked Google’s first trial run of this “plus” concept and it’s interesting. Their new social network would have these things called Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, Instant Uploads and Huddle – which would basically allow you to share your information with the world in different ways. Circles are essential your circle of friends but they can vary so you could have your BFF’s in one circle, co-workers in another, etc. And then Hangout! This one really got me. It’s like a group video chat so if I’m ‘hanging out’ with one friend that will show up on the message feed and then other friends can ‘hang out’ too. And you can ‘hang out’ with up to 10 people! 10 people on one video chat?! That’s insane!

And if you need a visual to comprehend this weird phenomenon then just check out this video Google released to help promote the new social medium.

Let me know what you think about all this. Until this plus thing gets really big, I’ll continue to use Facebook and Twitter….but of course, feel free to Google me too! 🙂

Until next time,



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