yep, I’m published — check

I know I haven’t be talking about work lately but work has been really good. So good that not only have I written my first segment BUT today I officially became published on the Talk of the Nation blog on!!

So let me rewind to Monday when I wrote my first segment, the Opinion Page. We do it every Monday and this week it was my turn to take a stab at it and I did.  The op-ed I used for the segment was by Bruce Steele with his reaction to NY’s passage of legal same sex marriage —

And I think it went well. Now because Talk of the Nation is a talk show, the intro script could be changed a little or a lot depending on the host and this happened yesterday. My script was edited but that’s the business so trust me no hard feelings but here’s the link to the story! Check it out and let me know what you think!

And today, I officially became a published journalist! (insert happy dance and happy music). Along with the live talk show, Talk of the Nation has its own blog called Blog of the Nation and today was my first post with them. It’s nothing too newsy or too serious but it was a good starter piece. I’m hoping to contribute more and hopefully have a variety of bylines with!

But if you haven’t seen it yet check it out here and let me know what you think!

Until next time,



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