Grammar Girl = Check!

Even though, I passed the infamous spelling and grammar test at UNC, I’m still not fond of grammar and sometimes I forget a few of the rules.

Well, this past Thursday, I successfully produced my first segment! It was a short segment about the latest book from the Grammar Girl aka Mignon Fogarty and it went well!

I got A LOT of hands-on-experience from the process from pre-interviewing to booking and writing. I wrote this short summary for the piece and good news — there were few edits made by our editor! Can I get a #winning please? I was pretty excited about that because my biggest goal this summer (and really with each internship is to improve my writing skills).

***Take a look at my summary here–> *****

And then the segment got some really good reviews from our listeners! Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Check it out!

Until next time,



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