Women’s world cup – epic ending despite the score

Today around 5:30pm the final game of the Women’s World Cup and it was one heck of a game!

I completely missed the first half but I joined millions of fans across the globe (and the 10 people eating dinner at a little local Italian restaurant in Georgetown) around the 55th minute and boy, was it amazing! It was some of the best soccer I’ve seen in a while and again, it reminded me why I enjoyed playing soccer. It’s a fast paced game and the leader can get behind in the blink of an eye. Plus it was nice watching a sport on TV that I actually played before so I understood the plays, why players make a certain move over another and the list goes on.

Of course, there were some disadvantages to having personal experience with soccer. When the Japanese made their second game on a corner kick, I immediately had a flashback to my soccer days where we had drills practicing those things. And it was painful to watch the US miss that goal because I know they practiced stopping those kinds of plays.

But alas, the score tied and the game went from extra time to PK’s (aka penalty kicks) and that was probably the MOST stressful 20 minutes of my day. It was painful to watch but it’s also all part of the game. And the US team fought a good fight, the Japanese just fought a little bit harder and they wanted it just a little bit more than we did — Well, at least that’s what I think.

Anywho, the second half was epic , dramatic, exciting and one heck of a game and a great way to end a championship game. Like many Americans, I wish I could be buying an US women’s world cup champs t-shirt and changing my Facebook status to something patriotic but it was still a good game. And it was my first world cup game that I actually appreciate watching.

Back when I was a young soccer player, I remember seeing the US women’s team win back in 1999 and Brandi Chastain making the final goal and then throwing her jersey off in victory but I had no idea how big of a deal it was. I just thought she and others on the team (like fellow Tar Heel Mia Hamm – hollar UNC!) were amazing players and I wanted to be just like them! Clearly, I didn’t become just like them since I’m a journalist and haven’t played a pick up game of soccer since my sophomore year of college, but like anything else, when you’ve spent most of your life playing a single sport, you’re still have an attachment for it and it will always be near and dear to your heart.

US Women’s team that was an awesome game!

Japanese women’s team, yall kicked butt and congrats on your first world cup!

Until next time,



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