Dear Summer, Where did you go?

Several weeks ago, way back in May, I thought I had SO much time to spare. Summer was ahead of me and I had all this time to chill. Well, I just blinked and it went from May 8th to July 18th….like where did my summer go? I feel like the older I get, the faster time moves and sometimes I really need it to slow down…just a little.

And it’s not just me who’s realizing summer has flown by…earlier today my producer said, “Kirstin, we have like four weeks left” and I thought to myself, yep, it’s about four weeks until mid-August – ie. the official end to my internship but hopefully not my official end for my time in D.C.

But either way, it’s crazy how quickly the summer has literally flown by. I’ve done so much this summer – from working and enjoying my last session of Project Uplift to producing segments with NPR! I mean, I’ve done a lot and I’ve learned a WHOLE lot! Wow, at the beginning of this summer, I knew I would learn a few new tricks but no, I’ve learned so much about myself and what I want right now in life that I even reconfigured my post grad game plan!

For those of you who don’t know yet, I’ve decided to stay in D.C. until at least September to see what happens. Pray-fully, I’ll be working or temping with somebody and if that doesn’t work out then I’ll be applying for jobs in the area and networking because being in this city just feels so right and I just can’t leave….not yet.

Plus, low key, I’m still terrified of the idea of being an adult. I may be 22 but I’m still freaked out about the thought of starting a real job and working full time! So I feel like living and working a year here in D.C. could be my own version of graduate school that will then prepare me for my journey into adulthood. Until then, I’m seriously still not sure about the concept…so please hope (and even pray) for me that something does work out in this area because this is where my heart is at the current moment and I’d like to let my heart lead for once!

But enough about me…and back to the issue at hand, where the heck did summer go? When you find out, please let me know and if never find the answer, at least we can all enjoy the last few weeks of summer bliss.

Until next time (enjoy summer),



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