whew…it’s been one of those weeks

So this I took a little blogging hiatus this week but it’s been one of those weeks…super busy and I needed my sleep! But never fear, I’m back and you’ll be getting your regular blog posts again.

Anywho, in other news — this past week was all about getting ahead. I’ve getting a few more assignments lately, I have a few more Talk of the Nation blog posts coming and I have…drum roll… the NABJ convention. And if you didn’t know, which you may not, but you will now, I recently got accepted into NABJ’s student projects program so I’ll be covering the entire convention, getting some more reporting experience and making connections a different way! So I’m very excited for this experience because this will be the last year I could participate with the group since well, you kinda have to be a student to do it. lol

And speaking of NABJ, I also went to my first WABJ (Washington Association of Black Journalists) event and it was pretty good. It was a social mixer to get ready for Philly and it was great to meet other black journalists in the area and meet a few people who will be in Philly too.

Also, I had my first adventure into Maryland this weekend. But more about that in a later blog post….just look for the heading “Maryland Day”!

Well, life is crazy as usual but it’s still a blessing…but I’m going with the flow. And this is my last week living in good ol’e Foggy Bottom…tear….:( I’ve grown to enjoy my little spot here on George Washington’s campus but alas my housing scholarship expires this weekend so I’ll be heading to Maryland for the month of August.

And…..lastly, this past week was a good catch up week with friends including many phone calls, massive text messages and even an impluse pal


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