Farewell GW….I knew ye well

Today was a semi sad day…I moved out of my apartment on George Washington’s campus. *tear* Even though, there were times when I complained about that little apartment with the tacky wallpaper and small kitchen, I still felt very attracted to it. It was my home for two whole months! Two months!! That’s two months of memories, achievements, good times, visits from friends, and explorations in the city…two months, I tell ya! And now, it’s all gone.

But I am blessed to be in Maryland for the week with family and then back in D.C. for the remainder of my official internship with family friends. So yes, I’m still living a rent free life, which is a MAJOR blessing, because I’ve already heard the “just paid my first bill” stories from fellow grads and I’m not looking forward to that part of life.

Needless to say, I still miss D.C. already. Yes, I appreciate the suburban lifestyle, its neighborhoods and white picket fences but it’s weird not hearing sirens…or my neighbors down the hall…it’s so quiet here. But this is a good change of scenery after a very long and busy weekend.

Well, I would write more but I actually need to get some sleep. The only major disadvantage to moving out to Maryland is the distance. I went from a 25min bus ride on the Circulator bus to now an hour and half car ride to work….yes, I’ll be driving to work in D.C. rush hour traffic…please send me your sanity in the morning.

Until next time,



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