so this is my 50th post…

So…normally, I don’t do this kind of thing but when my wordpress stats section said that my next post would be my 50th, I figured that was reason to celebrate. Well, don’t worry, I’m not going to make a major deal of the event but I think a special post is appropriate!

Just think 50 posts ago, I started this thing called blogging and I’m actually kind of good at it. And I like it, enjoy it…at times I almost need it. It’s been my way of telling the world “Hey, this is me, and this is how I’m living my life. Thought you should know and care!” So far, so good to me.

I’ve shared the corny and humorous moments in my life but I’ve also put my guard down and let you into my life and some of the inner dilemmas of a recent grad…this is my life.

But what’s next? What lies ahead beyond post #50? Well, you’ll just have to see…I’m learning and so are you….this is the post grad life of KG! 🙂

Continue to follow me through more journeys, adventures and memories.

Until next time,



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