For real….summer where did you go?

This weekend it hit me like a ton of bricks….summer’s basically over.

For most of my fellow NPR interns, their last day was this past Friday. For my fellow Tar Heels still in undergrad, a lot of them have already returned to Chapel Hill and Pre-O will start this week. Pre-O!!! Oh my gosh! Summer has really flown by.

And I know people say time seems to go much faster when you’re older but dang, was summer supposed to fly by! It feels like yesterday I was moving into GW and now, well…I’m trying to figure out my life beyond this coming Wednesday — just pray for me because it’s going to be interesting.

Any who, this post is one of those, I just had to say it posts and I did…summer is basically over and it shocks me every time I look at the calendar and see how fast summer has gone.

I have more updates on life soon….I’m still trying to comprehend them so be patient and details will follow.

Until next time,



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