My last credits shoutout…

It’s TOTN traditional that every Tuesday, the host will read letters. And in letters, we’ll highlight three emails that really furthered the conversation from a discussion we had the previous week on the show.

Well, yesterday, was just a good news day and we had a lot of great content so we pushed letters to today. Now, you may be wondering why am I blogging about this small part of the show. Well, for starters, I was the first intern who had the duty of writing letters each week as a way to practice my writing — so that was a major responsibility every week. But the other cool thing about letters is the credits section where we thank everyone who works on the show — even me!

So for the past 10 weeks, I’ve been getting a shout out on the air and it’s been nice to hear. Well, today when we did letters, my shout out was a little different because Neal said, “Our intern is Kirstin Garriss and this is her last week.” Alas, that time has come and when I heard it in letters, it reminded me that my time was really coming to an end. But it also reminded me that it’s been a great 10 weeks…and I’m so blessed to have been here with Talk of the Nation.

Until next time,


P.S. To hear my lovely shout out, take a listen here around 2:32! Enjoy!


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