This story was like my baby…no pun intended

Yesterday, I produced my first real story!

It was something that was sparked from an article I found in TIME Magazine which led to a pitch in our morning meeting. That pitch then inspired one of my other staff members to mention an article they found relating to the issue. Then it morphed into a story where I found the guests, booked them, wrote the introduction (with minor edits from the host might I add) and then it aired. And it was essentially my baby — I watched it grow from a little article into a 3o minute segment on live radio.

Don’t get the pun yet? Well, my story was about the changing perception of teen pregnancy! My story about teen pregnancy = my TOTN baby = funny pun, right? Ok, maybe not, but you get my drift lol.

Any who, it was a good topic and it was a subject that TOTN has talked about before but not in their way. The article I found caught my attention because it was debating whether shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Momwere helping or hurting teen pregnancy rates and actually affecting teens. After I mentioned the story in our morning meeting, one of the producers found an article that was a profile with the creator of those shows, Lauren Dolgen. Then it just seemed like fate. We started a chase on the MTV creator and then I started looking for other potential guests. Before you know it, we have Lauren Dolgen from MTV and Sarah Brown, the CEO for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and that was my show.

And then it was all me from there. I booked all the studios, pre-interviewed the guests, wrote the questions and I wrote my best introduction yet (with soundbites from the show which is an additional layer to the process) . And for me, this script means a lot because our host did edit the script but it was just in a few areas and that is an accomplishment for anybody TOTN whether you’re an intern or a full time producer! So that was a great feeling knowing that my script was almost perfect!

Then it was show time and all my hard work was about to come together in the form of our show and it went well. We had a bunch of calls, great emails and overall, everyone really liked my story because it was story driven and provoked a very controversial conversation.

Every show we produce has its own place on the “board” and I’m posing with my block on the board with my show!

So now, it’s your turn. Listen to my story and let me know what you think. All comments and feedback are welcome because that’s the only way to grow!

Until next time,



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