Tomorrow will be bittersweet…

The day that I’ve been trying to avoid for a while has come….my last day of my internship.

10 weeks ago, I started my journey with NPR and now, it’s come to a close. But I’m a much better journalist than I was before. I’ve learned so much from working with this show and this staff and I’ve really grown to enjoy them and their work flow.

Would I have loved to stay longer? Of course, are you kidding me! I’m unemployment now! lol And even though, I joke and kid, I really did feel like apart of the staff as an equal, not an intern and I should have — I did real work, I contributed regularly and I felt included in this new family.

Tomorrow will be a very bittersweet day but it won’t be a sad one. I’m happy I decided to apply for this internship and I’m so glad I got it!

This experience helped me become one step closer to figuring out my life (which is still up in the air) and it gave me one more foot in the journalism door!

Until next time,



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