Last day…was a good day…

Well….yesterday was the last day of my NPR internship but it’s not my last day at NPR. I have a feeling I’ll be back soon…it’s just a matter of time.

The day was a good one. It went by too quickly like most last days do. But it was still a good day. I produced my last segment which was the kickoff for a new ‘TOTN series’ called Freshman Reads which featured author, Wes Moore and his book, The Other Wes Moore and it went well.

And after we finished our post-show meeting, TOTN’s senior producer brought out a box of cupcakes to commemorate my time at NPR. And it was such a sweet gesture to honor my last moments as their intern and the cupcakes were amazing (per usual for D.C. cupcakes)!

My desk! Yes, my desk, where I had my computer, my phone with an extension and my home for the past 10 weeks! 🙂 Notice all the ‘mys’ lol

Then of course, I did what I do for every internship and that’s hand out thank you cards and take pictures!

It was a really good day but still bittersweet.

It’s a little blurry but I had to get a quick picture in the studio!

And today…whew…it was so weird to wake up and not go there…it was very surreal. Plus it’s weird not going back home quite yet…but that’s another story for another blog post and another day.

So…again, it’s not goodbye but see ya later!

Until next time,


Carline! My boss and the senior supervising producer for TOTN – absolutely love her! ❤


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