The quake FELT down the east coast

This morning when I woke up and had my morning coffee, I didn’t say to myself “Self, today’s a good day for Mother Nature to have a moment.” Well, she did. She had a rumbling moment and it didn’t do too much damage but it did freak us all out.

So let me tell how the day went…and I’ll do it in timeline form just because it’s more dramatic and all.

12:50pm – My cousin, Loralie, her baby Xavier and I arrive at your neighborhood Costco in Charles County MD and all is well.

12:54pm – Got an email from NPR about some temp work, I got excited and call my Dad.

1:01pm – Talked to Dad for about 10 minutes or so and all is well. Just shopping around Costco.

1:30ish-pm – We have finished shopping but we’re still waiting for Loralie’s car, which is getting new tires. So we decide to grab a smoothie and chill out.

1:45ish-pm – We’re finishing up our smoothies and then going to check on the status of the car.

2:00ish-pm – The ground starts shaking, the ceiling is moving and the beams in the walls are bouncing up and down. I’m sitting down, shocked, scared, freaked out and I completely blank out on all the earthquake advice I’ve ever been told. People are freaking out in Costco, employees are shouting to check the aisles to see if anyone is hurt and to see how bad the messes are.

2:03pm – We get Loralie and Xavier out of the building and I go back to get the keys for the car so we can get out of there!

2:05pm – I check my Twitter feed to 1. Tweet that there was an earthquake and 2. See who else felt. To my surprise it was felt in parts of NY, Philly and even NC. But most of the tweets were coming from the DMV area and they all said the same thing — there was an earthquake?! How did this happened? I’m ok.

2:15pm – I couldn’t get any calls but I started to get texts from friends and family in the area and from NC checking to see if I was ok and thankfully, I was ok and they were too.

So that was the events are they literally happened and people are right, when an earthquake hits you really don’t expect it and you are so unprepared! But I’m blessed that I wasn’t alone and that nothing feel or broke near where my family and I were located. But have I been freaked out and kind of shaken up for the rest of the day…YES! But again, I’m safe and so are all my friends and family who are in the DMV area and were really directly impacted.

But for those of you who were not in the area or may have felt something but had no idea it was an earthquake, here’s some local coverage that captures the affects of the earthquake.

Washington Post


And, word to the wise, if you are ever in the midst of a natural incident, don’t underestimate the power of social media because today that was how news traveled. And it makes sense because when cell phone service is down, what do you do? Tweet it or Facebook it and someone will hear it and word will spread. That’s the only reason I knew the earthquake hit more than just MD but multiple parts of the East Coast. And texting, when someone doesn’t pick up, texting is truly a blessing in disguise and it was really comforting to get a bunch of text messages from friends asking if I was ok and safe.

Whew…well after all this excitement from the day, I have retired to the couch with TLC on the TV and my laptop in hand — I’m trying to avoid the news for a while because this was quite a day.

Until next time,



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