Irene is hitting MD…right about now

So this might not be the best thing to do but it’s seems smart at this moment…but I’m blogging as the storm hits MD….well….for real at least.

It’s 9:49pm…just a little bit before 10 and the storm has really picked up. We went from a steady slow rain fall with no wind to….strong winds, flickering lights (well, it happened once and freaked me out), and heavy rains.

Now, I still feel a lot safer than those people on the coast BUT this is definitely an upgrade from this entire day where the only thing that was happening outside was a few drizzles.

But this stuff right here…blowing outside my window…this is not cool. I’m really enjoying all these wind sounds and…I just noticed that there is a BIG OL’E tree right in front of my window! AND…I parked my car not only outside BUT under a tree. And yall know how I feel about my baby, Silver, so let us all hope that no trees or limbs get shaky because I love my dear car and I really don’t want her to get hurt.

Ok…well…I have flashlight in hand…and I’ve charged all the necessary items for life…ie. phone…MacBook…and Ipod…what can I say I’m 22 in the 21st century those are the essentials to life. And just in the off chance that the power goes out (which I hope it doesn’t) I’ve already showered so I’m clean and I washed my hair — yeah, my priorities are really together aren’t they lol.

But anywho, I’m going to grab my Carolina blanket, my phone, my trusty flashlight and hope there’s a good movie on TV or Netflix to take my mind off the storm outside my window.

Be safe everyone in this hurricane, storm, whatever you want call it named Irene thing.

Until next time,



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