Signs I’m Meant to be a Journalist

So I’m going to warn you now this is going to sound really weird…maybe even crazy. But it’s a sure sign that I’m meant to be a journalist.

Seeing all this storm coverage whether it’s local or national makes me realized that I want to be out there. Yes, I said it and it sounds crazy. But there’s something in me that’s intrigued by this storm because if my job path had been different, I could be out there right now in some way shape or form helping to report these stories. Now don’t get me wrong. I am very blessed to be sitting in a living in MD where the power is still on where I’m sitting on a comfy couch with the TV on and family around me…BUT at the same time, the journalist in me wishes I could be doing more. All I can do now is blog about this experience, pray for residents in the midst of this storm and continue to fill out job applications for local news stations.

This hurricane also sits differently with me because for the first time, I actually know classmates who are out there whether their in hotel rooms or newsrooms covering the storm and all the affects that will be left. And part of me wants to be doing the same. Instances like this are just one of the many reasons why we want to be journalists. When you’re at home and glued to your TV who do you turn to for the information? You turn to your local news reporters and news teams. You watch them and listen because they are the voice of reason, of truth and the so called “beacon of hope” for people in times of need and that’s why I feel like I want to do more than just blog about this.

I know my day will come and trust me, it’s only August, there are plenty of other weather related events to come but as a journalist, this is part of my nature…it might even be in my blood to want to be out in something like this. Well, it’s because I want to be that voice of reason, truth and hope and be the line of communication for viewers at home to what’s happening in their backyard or miles away.

So call me crazy or call me a journalist — either way, I’m follow this storm the best way I know how and I’m sending my prayers to my fellow 2011 grads who are in various parts of North Carolina and Virginia reporting about the storm from their newsrooms or in areas close to the coast. I hope they stay safe during their first storm chase and I know I’ll be joining them soon.

Until next time,



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