12 plus hours with no power

Well, I finally fell asleep and then continued to toss and turn throughout the night but thankfully we all woke up to no damage. There are a few small trees that fell in my cousin’s neighbor’s yard but they were small trees and they didn’t hit anything so that’s good!

But getting yourself together with no power is very weird. Even something as simple as breakfast was a challenge b/c my cousin and I have been making protein smoothies and my cousin’s wife always brews some coffee but this morning none of that could happen. But despite the change in our usual habits, I decided to try to make the most of the situation so I made breakfast the best way I knew how!

As I stated in earlier posts, my cousin has a gas stove so we were able to use a lighter to relight the jets and we were in business! So I made pancakes, eggs and bacon because I knew with the coolness dwindling in the fridge, we needed to cook what would go back quickly and the eggs and bacon were the first candidates.

After breakfast we decided to out all the windows so we could get some air circulating in the house since we don’t know if we’ll get the AC running but thankfully it’s pretty cool outside and the breeze is just lovely and not howling like it was last night!

And now, we’re all out and about and trying to see who has power and what’s open and operating….and so far so good. Costo and Safeway are open and other smaller businesses seem to be operating as well. So that’s a very promising sign that we’ll get power soon. But there are a lot leaning trees and a few have fallen but there are some clean up crews and we saw the SEMCO (my cousin’s energy supplier) out and they said the power should be up and running soon!

So once again, I am blessed that my family and I were safe and that no one really had any damage in the area.
Now I just need to start looking for those “I survived Hurricane Irene” shirts which will probably be on the streets of DC by tomorrow lol.

Until next time,


Breakfast of champions and of those out of power.


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