No power… Not cool

So…we lost power. It was about 12:40ish I think…and I was just getting over my fear and worry of this hurricane…

I’ll even set the scene for ya. I was watching Avatar…not thinking about the rains and winds outside, I was totally into the movie. Then as the movie was about to go into the epic battle scene the lights flickered and the TV cut off and I was left in the dark with my cell phone and flashlight and no power.

Now I’ve been in a house where there was no power once way back when NC was hit with a massive ice storm but it was daylight…not pitch black outside!!! This is so weird! I can’t sleep. I’m wide awake. And it’s dark. All I have is my phone and laptop…BUT no power also means no internet…didn’t know that until I tried to blog from there and whoops…no go.

So here I am. Typing this blog from my phone and the wordpress app. This is all I have at the moment…along with Irene’s howling winds and rain….

But there is some good news…when the power is out, the water still runs so at least I can still wash my face, use the bathroom, semi normal things…ughh…I don’t think this would be that bad if I was sleepy and could fall asleep right now or if I had someone to talk to but I’m not able to fall asleep and I definitely won’t make any phone calls…I gotta keep this battery alive! In fact, I’ll probably cut off my phone whenever I do eventually fall asleep to conserve this battery to the max.

Well, crazy as this may be that I’m blogging from my phone…it’s very comforting at this moment and I feel like I’m getting my voice out there…kind of.

But this post shall end now so I can start this phone battery conservation process but just know no power at night when you wide awake…. No bueno….no bueno.

Until next time,


This hurt my feelings…no Internet, what is a girl to do?!?


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