Adapting to the commuter life

Up by 6am, out the house by 7:20am, on the bus by 7:39am, on the metro by 8:15am (on a good day) and then at work by 8:35am. That’s my morning and it’s a seriously new change. Now is it cheap….well it’s cheaper than driving and paying for parking directly at NPR but it’s still a different kind of routine.

But you know what this routine works and that’s what you do when you’re starting out, in a big city and you have housing outside the big city….but it’s also another experience to add to my life journey…

Each morning, I’ve been able to read my news via iPhone apps (yeah it’s a lot cheaper than subscribing to a newspaper at this point and it’s more convention — can we say more than 10 different news sources at my finger tips?! Ok, I’m off topic now). But a long commute gives you a lot of time to think….ahh zone out into space lol just kidding but it has made me appreciate all the various places I’ve lived this summer in the DMV and the different commutes that have come from them.

This one is by far my longest but it’s also the one where I see the most ‘real’ people. I feel like every morning and afternoon when I’m on the commuter bus, I feel like I’m sitting amongst teachers, mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, hardworking people who live modest lives outside the city and work in the craziness known as DC.

Now this is not to say that I wasn’t amongst those people when I was traveling in GW or NE DC but this commute just feels different. You have to go through a host of logistics and spend a lot of time on a bus and metro for this commute and that takes dedication…because it’s rough leaving work at 5pm and not getting home til almost 7pm and it’s all in travel time. You feel like worked an hour couple of hours just getting home but that’s the thing….despite the length, time, distance… No one complains, we all sit in our seats and enjoy the ride!

So I’m going to enjoy the rest of this ride by staring at the Carolina blue skies and listening to music — peaceful way to end a long day.

Until next time,



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