Four months and counting…

As I was (and still am) battling my allergies this evening, something hit me. It was the date. September 6th. Nothing special? Well, you’re wrong. Around this time four months ago, I made my epic car drive with my Mom and started my post graduate life in D.C. and I’m still here.

Four months ago, I don’t think I envisioned myself still being here but I am and I’m happy. It’s also ironic to point out that I’m celebrating basically four months with NPR too. Now that’s a real accomplishment! Four months and I’m still there! Man, you can’t tell me that’s not a good anniversary to celebrate.

Now, for some people (like my out-of-state friends/grads) being away from home for four months isn’t that big of a deal — they did it throughout our four years of college. But for me, the girl who was only an hour drive from home in college and a North Carolinian for like the past 10 something years, this four month anniversary is a big deal. And I must say I’m very proud of myself. ***pats self on the back***

Four months ago, I came with a car full of clothes, what I thought to be the necessities of life, hopes, dreams and ambition and here I am today…still working and still pursuing journalism in a different way and on a different path.

But am I still nervous, anxious, worried about my future…umm, yes!! And most people would be in my position but I’m trying to take each day at a time…that’s all you can really do at this point in time. I’m just glad I have the support of good family in MD and of course, back home but I have support from my friends too. They know the struggle, they understand what it’s like to see others get jobs and you’re still filling out applications but they always have your back and they always encourage you — That’s why I’m still going strong.

So happy four month anniversary to me and my relationship with NPR and the lovely three state combination known as the DMV!  *Raises imaginary glass* Here’s to another successful month a head of me…and more months to come — no matter where they are.

Until next time,



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