Can we say touchdown?

Well, for someone like me who’s not a major football fan…I’ve been working on a lot of football work.

Last week, I booked a show about College Football Scandals and it was a challenge but at least I had some experience with the subject because sadly UNC had their own set of scandal issues. But it was something that I knew and understood.

Today, I booked a show about the Future of the NFL with safer rules and regulations. And let me tell you, I’m not into football and I definitely don’t know much about the NFL. So this story was definitely a challenge.

At first booking wasn’t too bad because I had suggestions to work with and it was more of call and email and wait for responses. The only voice I had a challenge trying to find was someone who (again) was on the inside…a former coach, former player, former official…someone who knows this sport, this league and what safety really means in the NFL.

Well after several hours of calling, emailing and then waiting, I was able to do the incredible (well, at least that’s what I’m calling it), I booked that voice we needed! I booked former NFL running back, Super Bowl winner and MVP, Emmitt Smith for our show today. Now it was only for like 8 minutes BUT he was on the show today and I did it! ME! Yes, me! I was the one! Now you can’t tell me that wasn’t an amazing touchdown for today!

Everyone agreed it was a great get and it also became clear that I know very little about the NFL…and football in general for that matter. This morning if you had asked me about former players and coaches, I would have raised my eyebrow and shrugged. Now, I can tell you that some former coaches include Bill Bilick, Bill Parcells, Steve Mariucci, and Tony Dungy…and all of them were quite busy today. And a few players that I now know more about are Kurt Warner (which I spelled Kirk Warren this morning — yeah, I definitely didn’t know who he was), Matt Blair and a few others.

And because I learned so much about the NFL and all the inner workings of the league, I figured it only made sense for me to watch the kickoff game to the 2011 NFL season with the battle between the Green Bay Packers and the Who Dat Nation NOLA Saints…well, it’s still evident that I’m still not that into football because I barely made it through the first quarter before I switched the channel to Project Runway…what can I say, sports are great but basketball is my sport and fashion is still a passion so with football…fashion won this TV battle! 🙂

Until next time,


There it is…the board with my show in there! Yep, you see that…do you see it! Touchdown for KG!



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