How I remembered the Pearl Harbor of my generation…

Today, America remembered the 10th anniversary of the tragedy we all know as September 11th. Well, today, I didn’t want to be stuck in the house just watching all the special and live coverage, I wanted to be in the city. If you’re this close to the district it makes no sense not to visit especially on this anniversary occasion.

So I headed into the city to visit the Nation Museum of American History (which had a special 9/11 exhibit with artifacts from the Pentagon, Ground Zero, Shanksville and the TSA), the Newseum (which had two 9/11 memorial exhibits) and the Pentagon (which has it’s own memorial area to honor those who were killed in the Pentagon that day). It was a long day but it was a very good one and it was the best way for me to honor the events of this anniversary. I feel like I gave the date justice by going out and remembering what happened…from various perspectives.

Below are various pictures from my day…more to come but this is a start.

Never to forget…9-11-01

This took my breath away…the aftermath of the collapsed buildings.

The side of a firetruck from Ground Zero.

A doll which could be purchased in the WTC gift shop was found near one of the rescue sites. Ironically it was of a female firefighter.

The most random items have the most interesting 9/11 stories. Artifacts from the Pentagon.

The TSA was formed shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Their symbol has nine stars and eleven strips in honor of the event that we’ll all never forget.

Parts of the Pentagon. This railing inside the building structure helped protect the Pentagon…if these reinforcements hadn’t been there, the damage would have been worse at the Pentagon.

Pentagon Memorial…flag at half mast…it was the most somber location I visited all day.

At the Newseum there’s a photo display that shows how the media documented 9/11 and their timeline of when the events happened.


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