And so it comes full circle

It amazes me that about four months ago, I was a young intern with NPR and Talk of the Nation. I’ve grown so much since that first day since my first ended and since my first real show. And now as a temp, I really feel like I’ve grown because I’ve been challenged and pushed to new levels as a journalist.

But this week… I felt old.

This Monday marked the start of the Fall 2011 internships with NPR and on Monday, I met the new me….the new intern for Talk of the Nation. That morning I was very excited because it’s very rare for a previous intern to be present for the start of a new one. But as soon as a met her and started showing her a few things and telling her how TOTN operated, it hit me like a ton of bricks….I’m on the other side now! I’m no longer the intern, I’ve moved from that level and have become teacher! Me? Teaching the new intern the ways of TOTN…me?!! Who would have thought it would come full circle.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a great feeling to know that I’m passing own my words of wisdom to the new intern but it just feels so weird…so surreal…because that was me…four short months ago. That was me learning how to use all the NPR software, how to sort scripts, how to process the mail, how to do it all! And it’s a very humbling experience because you realize how far you’ve grown in such a short amount of time!

And I think the thing that made me smile the moist and made me realize how much I’ve grown is seeing how she immediately goes to me with questions and asking if she could shadow me as I worked on a show — it was like seeing myself again! And I appreciate it!

So needless to say, even if I’m not temping any time soon after this stretch of work, I’m glad I was able to help teach part of the new generation on interns! 🙂 and after three days with us, I think she’ll do just fine!

Until next time,



Had a moment the other day where I realized how much NPR swag I had and I decided to capture it. Life as a temp!


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