From patent reform to European debt…that was my week

One of the many reasons why I wanted to get into journalism was the fact that just about every day, you would be learning something new. And this week, just proved how that is so true in journalism.

Even though, I’m on the production side of journalism, I’m still using my reporting skills and learning so many new things. This week, I had a show on Monday about patent reform and the America Invests Act and I ended the week with a show today about the European debt crisis. AND I found reporters who were reporting from Athens and Paris — yes, overseas in Europe! Made my first international calls yesterday too and it was really different having to type like 14 numbers into the phone but I didn’t call anybody at some crazy time like 3am so that was a relief.

But as you see patent reform and a debt crisis of any kind are two different topics and I somewhat mastered the basic understanding of both! And if you ask me what I think of the two, I’ll have a more educated answer now and I love that feeling. I love knowing that I know just one new thing and it may be simple or complex but it’s one more thing I know and can use for now on.

Now, even though, I’m proud of myself for learning some new things and new facts but at the time, I was slightly stressed when I was getting the information boiled down into script form but that’s all part of the journalism learning curve — learn a lot, learn it quick and break down. And I think I was able to do it and do it well.

This was quite a week for me and I’m not sure where I’m going next but we’ll see! I know for sure I’ll be learning something new!

Until next time,



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