Blogging hiatus

Ok I know this is abnormal for me…a whole week and a day without blogging! Say it ain’t so lol! But no worries, I’m still here…still alive, just very tired and therefore not blogging about the various nuances of my life.

But once I get some sleep and a few moments with my laptop. I will be updating y’all on that latest and greatest things of my life.

So this is what you have to look forward to in the coming posts:

– more stories from the wonderful world of NPR
– a link to one of my fellow fashionista’s blog and a story I wrote for her about day to night pieces — yes, fashion is my passion….just a little bit
– the adventures of Mom and KG as we went to our first (and probably only) royal wedding in the great state of NY!
– and of course, the usual anecdotes of the random encounters of my life in the DMV

Ahh…so much to write about and so much for you to read! I’ll get to writing soon, I promise!!!

Until next time,


P.S. Happy first day of fall! It’s a lovely, cloudy and…., rainy day -____- in DC. So much for getting excited about the leaves changing colors, wearing neutrals and a variety of fall accessories… Shrug…..I’ll guess I’ll look for fall weather next week 🙂


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