Home sweet home…after 4 months

After 6 long hours on this train, I’m finally ALMOST home!!

I know leaving home is apart of growing up but man after four months away from home, it’s nice to come back to good ol’e North Carolina! Because this Southern girl has definitely missed the South…just a tad bit!

And of course, like any visit home I’m already booked for the entire weekend. Actually my schedule is so jam packed, it reminds me of an episode of the Cosby Show (clearly, this shows that I’m a child of the 90’s and Nic-At-Nite reruns lol). But I vividly remember the episode where Denise came back home from college for the weekend and she didn’t spend a single moment at home or with the family. So for those of you who didn’t see it, the end of the episode involves the whole family playing a joke on Densie. Since she was so MIA the whole weekend, when it was time for her to go, no one said goodbye or acted like they were upset to see her go back to school. Obviously before she leaves, the family reveals that it was a big joke and that they will miss her.

Now I’d like to think that my family won’t play that kind of joke on me. Lol but I am kind of super busy already. Like Saturday is a combination of hanging out with friends in Chapel Hill and then back in Garner later that night…but I promised my family we would hang out so as soon as this train stops and I get some food, family movie night will commence!

Until next time,


P.S. I’m also lowkey excited to just drive down Franklin Street for nostalgic reasons and to get a milkshake from Cookout because there is NOTHING like a Cookout milkshake and boy have I been craving one lol happiness 😉


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