Fashion is my passion…well sometimes!

Most people know that I have a very interesting sense of style and appreciation for fashion. I find my clothes from various places from retail stores like H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters (personal fav) to your local thrift stores like Goodwill and Value Village. But no matter where it came from, I try to find clothes that match….me and my personal style.

What is this said “personal style”? Well, when asked on twitter this was my immediate response and it kind of sums it all up, pretty well:

@kgarriss11 : 70s vintage meets funky, cool, modern with a touch of class! That is my style! 🙂 I think lol #whatsyourstyle

Now, yes I was trying to abide by the 140 characters or less rule on Twitter but it’s very true…My style is a collection of styles and fashion eras and lots of colors!

And as you all know from reading my blog, I write about any and yes, everything and recently, I wrote about fashion. But it wasn’t for you guys (sad, I know lol), it was for one of my girls and fellow fashionista, Perrine Deshield and her personal blog which is dedicated to all things fashion and all things fierce!

Two fashionistas which means twice as much passion for fashion! ❤

So what did I write about you may ask? Well, I love to find cool things at thrift stores and they have a lot to offer but sometimes the things you find need a little alternation to make them…well…you!

But without further hesitation, here’s the link to my piece as a guest blogger on Perrine’s blog. Now go read it and comment and like it and continue to read about her and her fabulous fashion posts!

Until next time,


P.S. Remember to follow her on twitter too –> @Chic_Pro2Type


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