A royal wedding fit for a king & queen…and my cousin too!

So a few weekends ago, my Mom and I went to the Okeha Castle in upstate New York to attend a royal wedding. Yes, you heard me right, a royal wedding! Now, some might think they were being extra, too bougie but it was a nice experience to have and the wedding was absolutely beautiful from beginning to end!

The event was a great way to end summer and it was just a lovely. My cousin, Nicole, was the one getting married that my family knew and it was really nice to be included in such an extravagant event.

It was an early evening wedding. There was an outside ceremony with rose petals lining the walk way to the front and the weather was just perfect…it was the not too cool and the sun was shining just enough.

The ceremony path to the preacher was lined with rose petals and I absolutely loved that and I will definitely be using this at my wedding.

The actually ceremony was concise and then it was time for a lovely reception hour with some great food. Then it was time for the full dinner and dancing event. The bride and her new hubby looked great together and both families really embraced each other and we all had a good time.

Below are a few pictures from the night!

Mom and me in our royal wedding attire. P.S. That dress I’m wearing, I got it the morning of the wedding from a family friend! Now that’s a win!

Yay! They’re now husband and wife!

Yep, my granny is pretty fly and I’m glad that I get my style from her! 🙂

Until next time,



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