A picture can be worth a thousand words…or so

So as I listen to my iPod (use the iPod on my iPhone :)) and scrolled through the photos on my phone, I thought to myself…”Self, these past few weeks have really been eventful yet so memorable.” And because my digital camera has been dead the last few times I’ve been out and about, I’ve resorted to using my phone’s camera to snap that moment in time. So here I am on the bus and in traffic (per usual) and I decided it would be fun to have a post of just pictures from my last very adventures.

So here it is — pictures that are probably worth a thousand words, some even a few more.



MLK Memorial in DC — “For he his king, and we are princes and princesses in his kingdom”


New shoes on sale and from Urban Outfitters — you really can’t get any better than that.


My twin a.k.a. my Mom at the royal wedding for my cousin.


Walmart in Little Mexico in Houston, TX!


Ahh, Franklin Street, love this place….I was feeling so nostalgic this past weekend when I went back home to visit.


After thrifting, my next love is definitely Starbucks…like a Starbucks gift card is ideal for me!


Such a staple in the DC area and for the nation and now it’s in my backyard — love DC living!


This was September 11, 2011…the Capitol seemed so still and calm that day. It was really comforting.


Yes, I’m already 5’9″ and yes, those heels are probably 5 inches tall but I love it! Fierce, fabulous and super tall.


This was mid-August and the first full tank of gas I had put in my car since I arrived to DC in June — yep, that’s how little I used my car.


In September, I decided to jet-set to Houston to see my roomie, Lisle, and it was a much needed vacation with the college homies!


Second week back as a temp and I did the incredible…I booked my first major celebrity…NFL Player, Emmitt Smith…and yes, I did NOT know who he was before the show but I do know! 🙂


One of my college friends, Keli, is about to be a new mommy and her baby shower was a lovely display of pink, pink and more pink…for her baby girl!

***All these pictures were taken with my iPhone and then photoshopped/edited with Instragram (an iPhone app that has different filters and effects for pictures)


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