So much social media…Oh my!

Like most journalists today, I’m very integrated into the social media world, which is great because I’m using the new tools that employers want you to understand and it’s pretty cool too.

I’m also have a strong brand on the Internet. If you Google my name (spelled correctly! Not Kirsten, not Kristin, not Garris with one ‘s”), then you will find me…for at least the first two pages on Google plus some. So that’s always a major plus because everyone Googles and employers (especially in journalism) want to make sure you have a brand and a good one too! A good brand means you’re on the web and you have a strong presence.

The only minor downfall to having so much presence online is having to update all those forms of social media and self branding when you start and end a new internship, job, or anything related to your major. So for me…getting an internship is a great opportunity…having to update all my media…well, let’s just say it can be a pain but it’s well worth it.

So where am I? Let me tell (and show) you.

Of course, I’m on Facebook and Twitter — Duh!

But I also have a Google Profile, Personal Website, YouTube Page and LinkedIn Page — AND I’m thinking about an About Me page so it’s again, one more thing with my name, information and work experience!

And needless to say, this still doesn’t include all the job posting sites that have my information as well such as Media Bistro, and a variety of other journalism jobs sites. Yeah, I’ve been quick busy after graduation with the job sites.

But please, feel free to explore who I am on the web and all the efforts I’ve put forth to brand, brand and yes, you guessed it, brand myself for journalism and my career. I guess you could call me a social media savvy journalist with style!

Until next time,



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