A visit to Annapolis…and it was very interesting

This past weekend, I went to Annapolis, MD with my cousins, Dayo, Tinu and baby Xavier! It was one of those chilly, rainy days so we wanted to get out of the house and yes, out of White Plains! So to Annapolis we went!

But to my surprise there’s actually a lot there.

Our first stop was the U.S. Naval Academy, which has a small museum and then the main campus.

The museum also had a great view of the pier…just wish it had been a little bit warmer and that the sun had been shining. But still a great view 🙂

After exploring the Navy Academy, we headed to downtown Annapolis for some lunch. But to my surprise, (yet again) there was a major piece of history sitting by the pier. It was Alex Haley…yes, Mr. Haley himself.

Who would have thought that Alex Haley would have a memorial in Annapolis, MD? Well, it’s because this was the spot where Kunta Kinte came to America and birthed the bestseller, Roots.

Needless to say, the rainy day in MD, turned into a pretty interesting adventure with a little dose of history!

With that said, it reminded me that there are yet again more things I need to discover in Maryland…hopefully, I’ll be around here long enough to explore it some more!

Until next time,



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