2 + 2 = 1…yeah, I mean it

Two legends, two deaths, one day.

Today, we lost two very special and very different legends in American history.

Fred Shuttlesworth and Steve Jobs. Both legendary men who helped changed the way we look at the world.

Fred Shuttlesworth was one of MLK’s right hand men and what many people don’t know, he was one of the first people to start the civil rights movement in Alabama. He obviously didn’t stop there but he continued his fight for freedom with Dr. King and helped start the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. I also have a small connection to Rev. Shuttlesworth because when I visited Birmingham, AL this past spring for a retreat, we visited the Civil Rights Museum and his statue is right in front.

Steve Jobs was the man who changed the game for computers and he’s the man response for all the electronic products I own…MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod. Yes, Mr. Jobs was the man behind Apple, the company the revolutionized how we thought about computers and technology in general. The only connection I have to Steve Jobs is obviously through his products but that’s how it is for most people. We are all connected to him through the technology he helped created and that he left behind.

Now I do find it a tad bit eerie that yesterday, Apple announced they would have the iPhone 4S on the market this month (and not the iPhone 5) and then today, Mr. Jobs passes away. I could be over thinking it but you can’t tell me that isn’t a little weird. But anywho…I’ll continue.

So as you can see my little equation at the top does in deed make since. Today, 2 + 2 = 1…with two legends, two deaths on one day. But no need to be sad because both men left us not only something for us to remember them by, they both changed the way we look at our world today!

Until next time,



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