This is the “Voice of America”

Yesterday was my first day off in a while and my first visit to the Voice of America headquarters. I am thankful to know a UNC alumna who works there and she offered to have me come down to get a tour and then meet a few people.

The tour we had of the headquarters was really good. It was a combination of listening to a tour guide, listening to recorded segments, watching a few live broadcasts (both TV and radio) and of course, seeing a quick video about what VOA is all about! But it all worked together to give me  a quick history of VOA and see a few of the faces behind the voices.

But the cool part happened after the tour. My guide and fellow Tar Heel, Marissa, took be back to the newsrooms to meet a few people. First of all, the newsroom was packed with people and it was so good to meet the real people behind VOA. And one of the first things we did in the newsroom was meet some of the many Tar Heels who work there. It was really nice to know that so many UNC alum worked at VOA.

After meeting several people in the newsroom, the most memorable moment from my visit was getting a chance to meet and have a one-on-one conversation with VOA correspondent André de Nesnera! He was really nice, had some good advice and he was just very encouraging. He said I had a good head on my shoulders and he was really impressed with what I had done already. And that was really good to hear especially now when I’m kind of in lala land trying to see what’s going to happen next. But needless to say, that was definitely one of my favorite moments of the day and another connection for me to keep in contact with!

So first day off was a good one.

Until next time,




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