So…I just might be addicted….to reality TV

This past week I realized that I just might have an addiction…an addiction to reality television. Yes, as sad as that sounds, it just might be true.

As a young journalist, I watch the news (local or national), I get daily news updates via email and on my phone, I have more than a dozen news related iPhone apps (everything from the New York Times to The Guardian to POLITICO) and daily emails from Political God, Mike Allen. It’s clear that I get a huge amount of news every day so it should only be natural that when I need a quick break from news, I’m leaning toward something that’s the complete opposite of news…ie. reality TV.

But of course, not just any reality TV…for some reason I enjoy these competition based shows…like America’s Next Top Model All Stars (yes, Tyra is back with the favorites from cycles 1 – 16!!!), Top Chef: Just Desserts (I blame my cousin, Chrissy, for this one because she got me hooked on this show last summer) and my newest favorite, Project Runway.

And if you’re thinking what value is she getting from watching this combination of flaring attitudes, endless confessionals and the journey from many to one….well, there’s not much, just pure enjoyment. It’s something about the fact that these shows are like a television series because they do have characters since some of the contestants are more outspoken than others and as the competition goes on you do begin to pick a favorite or root for the underdog. I also enjoy the fact that if I miss an episode I don’t feel like I missed too much in that I can still jump back in and not be lost…there’s just one less person competing.

But with a series, if you miss an episode, you’re so lost and I understand this well because my die hard, religious watcher and fan of the show Desperate Housewives (which alas is in it’s final season…tear…but that’s another blog post for another day).

So… you get my drift, right? A competition based reality TV show is a great way to escape from the realities of news and sometimes you do need a break. Plus it’s always nice to see the winner progression from their first episode to their winning challenge.

Until next time,



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