Wake up & smell the coffee…. Or the skinny vanilla latte

This week marks my one millionth attempt to get right, get tight, get fit! And this time I might just succeed.

In past attempts, I’ve bought tons of Special K products, swore to drink protein shakes and vowed to visit the gym at least three times a week… Well every time I made it through a week or so maybe two.

Other times I’ve tried making calendars with a list of exercises to try to do at home for the on the go kind of schedule… Well that lasted a little longer but still fell victim to the usual culprits…”I’m too busy”, “I need those extra 15 minutes for sleep” and do forth.

And another time, I set a goal that I wanted to reach and semi attained it. Before spring break this year, I vowed to workout with intense cardio the last three to four weeks leading up to my venture to Miami beach for SB2011… Well it worked then spying break came and went and I didn’t see the gym til after exam time.

So as you can see, I have commitment issues with working out and getting fit. Why I’m always Miss Excuses, I really don’t know but they always seem to creep into my fitness plans.

But not this time! This time is different. Why or how you ask? Well, this time around I found a secret weapon… A gym partner. Now you may be thinking.. What the heck is she talking about? But it’s that simple, I have someone who’s willing to go to the gym with me, not three, not four but yes five times a week with me! Yes it’s true ! And who might be this poor soul, well it’s another fellow Miss Excuses who wants to change her ways and get fit too… That person is my cousin, Loralie!

Both of us are trying to get fit and we’re both committed to keeping each other motivated. With this kind of system where you’re being accountable for yourself and someone else really pushes you to want to workout and to workout often. Plus another motivator for me is where we’re working out. Since my cousin, Dayo, works on a naval base he and Loralie have access to things like the gym on base for free…well I don’t. I had to pay a small fee for a 30 day pass so that’s an even bigger motivator is money! I paid for this so I’m using it! And a major way that I’ll make sure Loralie keeps me motivated is the fact that I can’t even get on the base to use the gym without her or Dayo so as you can see this system just might work. We both need each other for the motivation but we also need each other to help the other one stay focused and committed.

So as of today, we’re both two days into our workout regiment and I’m sore but feeling really good about it! It’s been a struggle to wake up early and go but once I go, I’ve worked out, my bloods pumping, and I’m ready to take on the day and it’ll only be 10am! I’ve even been focused and awake without coffee! Yes, I said it! Without my love and joy, coffee! Well, almost…today I resorted to my ways and got some Starbucks today. But I tried to enjoy my dearest Starbucks the healthy way and instead of my usual Carmel Macchiato, today I got a Skinny Vanilla Latte and yes, it was only 130 calories but it was not as satisfying. (insert shrug) So clearly, I’ll need to figure out a way to work in my Starbucks favorites while keeping to a better diet.

But I must say, I’m really proud of myself for trying to make this serious move toward a healthier lifestyle and yes, it takes baby steps and that’s why I’m starting at 30 days at a time, one month…after one month, I’ll re-evaluate my progress, my success, and my current living situation and daily schedule. But until then, I’ll be up by 7:30am, Monday-Friday and working out with my gym buddy.

30 days, 30 chances to get healthy and make the right decision about my health!

Until next time,



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