Oh snap, did I just make it to the big 1-0-0! Oh but I did!

Several months ago at the beginning of the summer, I never thought I would make it to 100 posts so quickly! But look here it is, I’ve made it to post #100!

And after 100 posts and several adventures and experiences, I can clearly see how my posts have improved…dramatically! I feel like I start blogging and it was like a chore…it wasn’t real, it was something I should do.

Now, blogging comes more naturally, it something I want to do, and sometimes even need to do. It can sometimes work as a form of release in a way…it’s relaxing and it’s nice to get things off my chest and into print!

And to commemorate this major milestone in my blogging career, I want to relive and remember some of the best posts of KG history!

Most Read Posts on My Blog:

Of course, my home page which features about two to three posts at a time had the “most” views coming in at a whopping 538 views! But over all, the views above got between 48 – 20 direct views, which is pretty good in my book

And, I love that you all also enjoyed my Adventures and Kirstin’s Favorite Quotes…and Things sections too!

Of course, I think that every post has something special to offer but I know other posts may catch the eye either way, I appreciate you for reading. This whole blogging thing was so new to me 99 posts ago but now that I’ve reached post 100, I realize that I have a lot to say and a different story to tell…my story. So I hope you continue to enjoy the story of my life…as told by me!

Keep reading, keep learning and hopefully, keeping enjoying my story.

Until next time,


I noticed this about a week or two ago and I had to snap a picture because that’s such an interesting coincidence!


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